Rotary Transfer Machine - Cross drill head
Rotary Transfer Machine
Special Purpose Machine
Rotary Transfer Machine
Rotary Transfer Machine
Special Purpose Machine
Special Purpose Machine
Special Purpose Machine
Special Purpose Machine
Bar Feeder
Rotary Transfer Machine

Rotary Transfer Machine

Rotary Transfer Machine  
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Rotary Transfer Machine - WF-32/10.12.16
Our machine handles the processing of a wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic joints and related parts. Each process is completed in only about six seconds. A big production capacity break-through. Second-time processing becomes unnecessary. Saving time, energy and labor. Good for applying to different work pieces materials as iron brass, aluminum and stainless steel. Ingot 3M long can be feeded automatically. In the manufacturing history of Taiwanese Special Purpose Machines and Auto Lathes, our machine has achieved the fastest processing speed. In addition, it is easier to be operated and maintained. Meanwhile it will be the most efficient partner of your job too.
Indexing table: 10, 12, 16 work station
Each processing station may be fitted with different functions such as turning, tapping, boring and grooving, side processing and slotting of inner and outer diameter.
Rotary Transfer Machine-Cross drill head
Cross drill head
Rotary Transfer Machine-Milling head
Milling head
Rotary Transfer Machine-Spindle
Rotary Transfer Machine-Function of vertical cutting process
Function of vertical cutting process.
Rotary Transfer Machine-operation system
The operation system is provided with touch palm system.
Rotary Transfer Machine-Precision processing products
Machine Specifications
WF 32/12
Max. cutting diameter Ø32mm  27mm  22mm Perforation
Max. cutting length 80mm
Workpiece material Iron brass, steel, aluminum and stainless steel,...,etc. forming bar material, rolling material.
Coolant Speed : 800 Motor : 5HP(7 1/2HP)
Bar feeder Length : 3000mm
Hydraulic motor 5HP(7 1/2HP)
Spindle motor 2HP x 4P x 10
Tapping servo motor 1.5KW
Spindle speed 100~5000 R.P.M
Power supply 35 HP
Machine size W3350 x L8400mm
Machine height H 2200mm
Machine net weight 6500 KG
Rotary Transfer Machine-operation system
Rotary Transfer Machine-operation system
Processing step
1 .Rotary Transfer Machine-1 2 .Rotary Transfer Machine-2 3 .Rotary Transfer Machine-3
4 .Rotary Transfer Machine-4 5 .Rotary Transfer Machine-5 6 .Rotary Transfer Machine-6
7 .Rotary Transfer Machine-7 8 .Rotary Transfer Machine-8 9 .Rotary Transfer Machine-9
10.Rotary Transfer Machine-10 11.Rotary Transfer Machine-11 12.Rotary Transfer Machine-12
Each process is completed in only about 4.5 seconds:

Rotary Transfer Machine